When to Replace your Locks

Locks are essential to install in our homes; they keep us protected from intruders. Locks are essentially our first and final line of defense; they keep us on sleeping well at night. Many of our locks are solid and durable. However, there are certain circumstances where we should replace our locks.  

Don’t wait until something bad happens to you, read this content and know when to replace your locks.  


1. Your locks are old and Wearing out

Like all other things, locks can wear out through time. With years of twisting and turning, wear and tear would come in, and when this time arrives, you must not hesitate any longer and replace them immediately because burglars might take advantage of this weakness. Signs that your locks are wearing out include rusting, or if they are too stiff or loose to operate. 

2. Lost Keys

Losing your keys happens pretty frequently, no matter how you put in your mind not to lose them. But this happens a lot, and it is one of the most common causes why should replace your locks. 

The best scenario that could happen to you is if you have someone that has a duplicate key, but it can also be a hassle and inconvenience to you and especially to the key holder if you call them in the middle of the night for the duplicates. It can also cost you money to call for the locksmith to come over and help you.  

Losing your keys may sound not too terrible, but what if you lost it because someone stole it? Now, this is an entirely new matter, because they might just open your doors in the middle of the night and steal your things. Don’t wait for this to happen, replace your locks immediately. 

3. Coming from a Renovation or Repair

When you renovate your house or repair large sections of your house, you call contractors, and they bring in many people like painters, plumbers, carpenters, and others. You simply can’t place a hundred percent trust to your contractors, or the people they hire to do the job because some of them may have bad characters and might duplicate your keys. 

After the renovation or the repair has been done, make sure to remove your locks and purchase another set. This replacement would only cost a fraction from the overall cost of your renovation, make sure to include locks in your home investment. Install it yourself or ask help from trusted professionals like upvc door lock replacement Bolton 

4. New Housemate

If you let someone rent your place, you simply must give him the keys to your house. This isn’t a bad thing until that housemate would stop renting your place and would move on to another place.  

Replace your locks when a housemate leaves, because even if he/she returned the keys, you are not completely sure that they did not duplicate it. There would even be a chance that he gave it to some friend and that friend has duplicated the keys. Sleep well at night and cross off the possibility of a past tenant breaking in your house by replacing your locks.